Acquisition and Administrative Management

MSB Analytics, Inc. employs only the most qualified, experienced, and skilled administrative professionals to meet our customer’s stated technical requirements, MSBA is able to go beyond the day-to-day support services and think through the end-to-end process of performing their assigned tasks. Doing so results in an overall improvement in support of the customer’s workforce and administrative operations through timelier customer service, higher quality work results, and more cost effective problem resolution. MSBA’s team also interacts with the program management area to facilitate the work process with our clients. They gather and analyze the data fast with the purpose of moving forward in confidence, ensuring that the whole process meets the specifications and qualifications of the contract. Our subject matter expertise helps us provide comprehensive acquisition services.

  • Administrative Support Services
  • Acquisition Support
  • Facility Security Support
  • OCONUS Travel Support
  • PWS Development and Refinement
  • Technical Data Consolidation
  • Briefings Support
  • Acquisition Strategy Documentation Facilitation
  • Contract Requirements Package Development