MSB Analytics, Inc.

A “Value People”-driven company, Serving with Purpose

MSB Analytics, Inc. specializes in Visual Information, Multimedia, and Training, Acquisition and Administrative Management, Business Process Automation and Data Management, IT Solutions, Engineering Services, and Financial Management.

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We provide high-quality, analysis-based, professional business
and technical services to Government and commercial customers.

Acquisition and Administrative Management

MSB Analytics, Inc. employs only the most qualified, experienced, and skilled administrative professionals to meet our customer’s stated technical requirements.


Visual Information, Multimedia, and Training

We perform all tasks necessary for the professional production of print and digital media that allows our clients to visually communicate and put their best foot forward.


Information Technology Solutions

MSB Analytics, Inc. provides a wide variety of Information Technology Solutions including multimedia services, business process improvement, systems and network administration, web content management, and help desk support up to Level III.


Financial Management

MSB Analytics’ depth of certified, master’s-degreed financial and subject matter professionals result in more accurate and timely analysis of business transactions.


Business Process Improvement / Training

MSB Analytics, Inc. is a leader in providing comprehensive Business Process Improvement solutions, and skilled Human Resources services.


Engineering Services

MSB Analytics, Inc. maintains effective and constantly evolving technological advances is crucial to ensure the successful operation of our nation’s warfighter.


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