Members of the Digital Media Services team at Schriever Air Force Base (AFB), Colorado, have begun to tackle a very busy Change of Command season and have already provided public address and photography support to 5 ceremonies in just two weeks.  With another 6 events scheduled, the contract will wrap up the final season for the 50th Space Wing as it ends its U.S. Air Force heritage and transitions into the United States Space Force.

The contract has been a constant presence to the base for 11 years and has built a reputation for reliable and high quality services.  It is composed of members from various disciplines including photography, graphics, maintenance, and video teleconferencing.  Many of their products have been selected for publication in DoD and commercial media outlets to include Air Force “Week In Photos” and DVIDS.  Some of the more memorable images they have created include the following:

Here, two of its members, Dennis Rogers (Contract Manager and Photographer), and Wayne Bachmeier  (Public Address Technician) provide support to the 50th Civil Engineer Squadron during the unit’s change of command ceremony at Schriever AFB 11 June, 2020.

Wayne Bachmeier (picture above), Schriever AFB, Digital Media Services Public Address technician, operates audio equipment for a Change of Command ceremony 11 June 2020 (Photo: Dennis Rogers)

Dennis Rogers (picture above), Schriever AFB, Digital Media Services Contract Manager and Photographer, documents a Change of Command ceremony 11 June 2020 (Photo: Wayne Bachmeier)